The Real Deal

"Dr. Shaw is the REAL DEAL. Warm, thoughtful, empathic, invested, concerned, genuine, beyond helpful. I could go on and on. I’ll say this, she truly put my husband and I on the right track in our marriage. We are happier and more in love than ever thanks to her thoughtful ear, beneficial insight and constant and unwavering investment in the two of us as a unit. She is the best of the best and we couldn’t appreciate her or her clinical support and care more than we do. An excellent therapist and an even better human."

Excellent Therapist

"I am extremely pleased with Dr. Shaw's services. She is an excellent therapist. She is caring, thoughtful, compassionate and gives great insight. She is goal oriented and helped me create steps to work through my difficulties rather than just listening to me talk with no solutions. This is rare quality to find in a therapist."

Above & Beyond

“Dr. Shaw is great. She goes above and beyond for her clients. My daughter saw her for a year and she really got a lot out of her sessions. I would recommend Dr. Shaw to any of my friends.”

Positive Impact

“I can't even begin to explain how grateful I am to have met Dr. Shaw. She has made such a positive impact on me and my family. I initially went to her because I needed help with one of my daughters, her behavior was getting worse and worse and it seemed like everywhere I turned they would just give me the run around. For years I felt my daughter had behavioral issues but it seemed everyone I turned to dismissed my concerns. Not only was she able to help my daughter through this she helped me figure out how to go about getting my daughter all the help she needed. She was able to help me as well with all of the anxiety I had because of this and guide me through my own relationship issues. Her bedside manner is exceptional and I truly felt she was there to help me and my family. You can't say enough positive things about someone that has helped you through such hard times and made such a positive impact. I recommended Dr Shaw to some people I know and would absolutely recommend her to anyone that needs guidance, is having relationship issues, depression etc. She was able to help me with all of that and we will always be grateful.”

Highly Recommended

“Dr. Shaw has been very helpful and accessible. She is empathetic and open to whatever you have to say. She seems to be a natural with understanding situations. I recommend Dr. Shaw. She has been great. :)”